Storm Drains Awareness and Spring Leaf Collection

Heavy rain and falling leaves can inundate storm drains. This can lead to the drains getting clogged and also create flooding in the area. You’ll want to take precautions to ensure the drains are kept clear. In addition to storm drains, leaves can also clog your gutters. Clean your gutter spouts but leave cleaning the gutters to a professional. Make sure your gutters have a 90 degree spout so the water can go away from your house. Be sure to rake leaves at least 10 feet away from the spout to make sure there’s no standing water nearby. Keeping storm drains clear can prevent streets from getting flooded. If there is a catch basin in front of your residence, be on the lookout for leaves collecting nearby and rake to the edge of your property.

For residents in New Britain, the City has begun the spring Leaf Collection Program. This will be conducted through April 29th. The leaf bag collection program will be based on Leaf Bag Collection Routes. There are set pick up area designations; this is intended to assist with a more organized process. If you are in need of Paper Leaf bags, they can be obtained and purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores.

 A few things to remember if you are participating in the collection:

Paper Leaf Bags Only

Only leaves put in paper leaf bags will be picked up; Sticks, pine needles, acorns, brush & rubbish go in the regular trash.

No Plastic bags

Do not tape or staple bags closed

Paper leaf bags that are too heavy (over 40lbs.) will not be picked up. Residents will be required to deliver overweight bags to the New Britain Residential Recycling Center

Grass must be composted in backyard or left on the lawn.

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