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Sewer Repair Project Still Lingers for Ansonia Residents and Business Owners

Sewer Repair Project Still Lingers for Ansonia Residents and Business Owners

Work continues on a broken sewer pipe in a Connecticut town. Twenty-two of the 30-foot trench has been dug in order to reach the pipe that is threatening businesses along it. There’s still quite a bit of work left to do.

It has taken days to nearly reach the 100-year-old broken pipe that broke in Feb. The break caused raw sewage to dump into local buildings. The broken pipe is located on a sloped area that leads to railroad tracks and the Naugatuck River and is near the entrance to the Riverwalk.

A temporary pump has been set up to send raw sewage around the breakage to the Water Pollution Control Authority treatment plant.

This break was the third sewage line break in the past four months. Heavy rainfalls and winter temps have wreaked havoc on the New England aging infrastructure.

Cost of repairing the break is estimated at $760,000 but many experts say the cost will probably be more around the $1.1 million range.

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