Sewer lines added to prevent problems

New sewer lines added to prevent problems

Multiple sanitary sewer lines across the city are in the midst of receiving new linings in an effort to prevent pipe collapses and overburdening the system.

The project, which is part of the department’s five-year improvement plan, is estimated to cost about $2.8 million. It also includes spot repairs at a few locations.

About six miles of lining will be completed along with .1 miles of spot repairs.

The city is using the cured-in-place-pipe method to line and repair the pipes. This method will give the pipe at least 50 more years of life.

The lining also provides an additional support layer to the city’s sewer system, most of which is made with clay piping that can collapse, particularly if affected by tree roots or a higher than normal capacity.

A collapsed or broken pipe can allow additional water to get into the system and put a burden on its capacity.

The city decided to use this method because it provided less disruptions to everyday life for residents and is extremely quick to install.