CT Coastal Communities Propose Remedy to Sea-Level Upsurge

There are many ecological modifications on the horizon for several Connecticut cities. Much of the reconstruction design is primarily due to the effects of the anticipated sea-level rise. The extent of this impact is to be seen within the next several decades, and will likely impact neighborhoods throughout the state. A focused concern for homeowners is the likelihood of flooding as increasing water levels gradually alter the coastline. Connecticut’s shoreline is rising each year, though the prospective rate at which it will increase is unclear. Shoreline communities have experienced severe weather events, such as Superstorm Sandy, which served as a concrete reminder of how vulnerable some coastal communities are to flooding. Many towns on Connecticut’s coast have implemented strategies for resiliency, or are in the process of enacting one.

Greenwich, like other coastal communities in Connecticut, faces a unique set of obstacles when it comes to rising sea levels due to local topography. Additionally, many of the Municipalities, including Fairfield County, are not only increasing efforts to combat rising seas but to reduce carbon emissions in order to curb the rate of climate change. Part of the town’s sewer system is located in the flood zone and therefore vulnerable to flooding. Approximately 800 Greenwich homes are within the existing floodplain. Currently, when new homes are under construction, Greenwich regulations require elevation of an additional one foot beyond normal recommendations.

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