Old Landfill Site will Hold Groundwater in Southington


Southington, Connecticut is home to the 11-acre Old Southington Landfill site which was a municipal disposal area, operating on site, from the 1920s until 1967.  The town is in the process of enacting the use groundwater from the landfill site.  The area was once considered the most polluted landfill within the United States.  After years of evaluation, it is now considered clean enough to be piped into the town’s wastewater treatment plant for processing. The town will earn up to $97,000 a year by accepting 57,000 gallons of groundwater pumped daily to the surface at the Lazy Lane site of Solvents Recovery. The Recovery site once disposed of sludge’s in two unlined lagoons beginning in the late 1950’s for a period of ten years.

Presently, the city of Southington is also conducting inspections of sewage pipes by remote camera. The use of cameras will closely identify the location of leaks and cracks throughout the sewer system. It’s estimated as much as half the average 4 million gallons of water, which flows daily into the town’s treatment plant, consists of rain, runoff and other clean water that is finding its way into the sewer system. This water mixes with wastewater and increases the amount of water that must be treated at the plant. Larger than normal sewer flow volume, particularly after heavy rains, indicates there are areas of disrepair within the sewer lines.

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